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RE: How to build quality contextual one-way backlinks and boost your website rank to #1

Here's the truth about SEO...

Building backlinks and getting traffic to your website is NOT easy. It's a hard and long process, which takes a lot of time and usually the results are very inconsistent, especially if you are wasting money buying thousands of low-quality links.

It's no secret that Google's algorithm uses your website's backlink profile as one of the main criterias to determine your position in SERPs. Well, if we follow that logic, then does that mean if you get millions of backlinks from all over the web, then you could rank for whatever keyword you wanted? Only if it was that simple...

MORE Backlinks = HIGHER Rankings in Google?

Not exactly...It's a bit more complicated than that. Since Google stopped using PR (PageRank) as a way to determine the quality of links coming to your website, they began taking into consideration many other metrics, such as Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) to decide how much "link juice" a particular link carries.

So what does that mean for you? It means that the days of buying thousands of profile and forum links for 20 bucks and getting ranked for competitive keywords are OVER. Sure, it won't hurt to get some blog comments and other social links for the sake of adding variety to your backlink profile, but you CANNOT rely on them to rank for anything remotely profitable.

The solution? You need to get contextual backlinks from websites with decent DA/PA and CF/TF metrics. What's the best way to do it? Well, you could start by emailing all the big players in your niche and ask for a guest post, but that's going to be VERY time-consuming and expect to pay up to $100 per ONE post. Doesn't sound too exciting, does it? Luckily, we've got something better for you...

Introducing SERPTurbo

SERPTurbo is a private blog network with over 500 blogs hosted across multiple A/B/C Class IPs on servers worldwide. The average DA/PA of our blogs is 15+ and the average CF/TF is 10+.

When you use our service, we write a 100% unique 350-500 words article for your niche based on the keywords you provide and then we spin + drip-feed the articles (over 10-12 days) to the blogs in our network for natural indexing.

You can provide up to 3 URLs to promote (from the same website) and up to 10 keywords to spin for each URL as anchor text. This will allow you to avoid over-optimization penalties, as you'll be able to promote multiple URLs at the same time, while using different anchor texts.

Our network is fully monitored 24/7 - we always eliminate any dead blogs and regularly replace them with fresh quality blogs with high DA/PA and CF/TF metrics. Your posts are 100% permanent in our network as long as the blog is live. SERPTurbo is a legit and ethical blog network, so NO adult, NO gambling, NO pharma or any other similar sites are allowed. We promote ONLY genuine, English websites.

Now let's summarise what you get with SERPTurbo...

SERPTurbo Private Blog Network

1. Content

You don't have to provide any content to us, as we will write a fresh new article from scratch for your niche and then super-spin it each time before posting it in our blog network. This will ensure that every article is 99% unique, meaning better indexing rates and more backlinks for you. Up to 3 links (from the same website) will be included in the article body and you can provide up to 10 anchor texts for each URL.

2. Large & Safe PBN

Our blogs are NOT spammed to death. With more than 500 blogs at any given time, which are globally hosted with various hosting providers across hundreds of unique Class IPs, you can be sure that we maintain a truly private network. We DO NOT accept any adult, pharma, gambling or similar sites and we manually review every single blog added to the network, so it fully complies with our high standards.

3. Excellent Metrics

Since PageRank can no longer be used as a metric for SEO, you need to get backlinks from sites which are high in Domain Authority and Page Authority, as well as high in Citation Flow and Trust Flow. The average DA/PA of our blogs is 15+ and the CF/TF is 10+. These are crucial factors for Google and other search engines when ranking your website in SERPs, so don't ignore them, if you want maximum link juice.

4. Drip-feeding

All the articles are gradually drip-fed onto the blog network over 10-12 days for natural indexing. You don't want to create hundreds of backlinks in one day and then point all of them to your website, because it may raise a red flag with Google, since it's a common practice among spammers to build links in such way. We take care of drip-feeding for you, so you can enjoy long-term, reliable rankings.

5. Permanent Links

We do NOT charge any monthly fees for keeping your links in the network. All the blog posts which have been published are guaranteed to be 100% permanent. Your links will be live for the full life-span of a blog. The only exception to this rule would be blogs, which we have removed from our network for safety and performance reasons, such as de-indexed blogs or those with low metrics.

SERPTurbo Order Packages

30 Posts - Bronze Package $50

30 Permanent Blog Posts
One 350-500 Words Unique Article + Super-Spun Content
Average DA/PA 15+
Average CF/TF 10+
Unique Global A/B/C Class IPs
Natural Drip-feeding
Individual Tracking ID
Estimated TAT 12-15 Days

100 Posts - Silver Package $150

100 Permanent Blog Posts
One 350-500 Words Unique Article + Super-Spun Content
Average DA/PA 15+
Average CF/TF 10+
Unique Global A/B/C Class IPs
Natural Drip-feeding
Individual Tracking ID
Estimated TAT 12-15 Days

150 Posts - Gold Package $220

150 Permanent Blog Posts
One 350-500 Words Unique Article + Super-Spun Content
Average DA/PA 15+
Average CF/TF 10+
Unique Global A/B/C Class IPs
Natural Drip-feeding
Individual Tracking ID
Estimated TAT 12-15 Days

Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU ORDER)

Q: Do You Provide Reports?
A: To protect the privacy and stability of the network, we do NOT provide detailed reports with published URLs, however you will be given a unique tracking ID, which you will be able to search in Google to find all the indexed posts.

Q: Are These Homepage Backlinks?
A: Your posts will initially appear on the homepage of our blogs, but they will eventually roll off into inner pages (usually within 5-7 days), depending on the overall number of posts published on that particular blog and the number of orders processed on that day.

Q: Do You Accept Foreign Websites/Keywords?
A: No, we only promote websites with English content and no foreign keywords are allowed.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Complete My Order?
A: All orders, regardless the size of the package will be processed within 12-15 days. This is to allow time for drip-feeding and maintain an efficient service for everyone.

Q: What Are Your Accepted Methods of Payment?
A: We accept payments only via Paypal.

Q: What is Your Refunds Policy?
A: NO REFUNDS will be issued on completed orders. We do NOT sell rankings in Google and your position in SERPs is out of our control. We will only refund payments for orders, which we failed to deliver for technical reasons or if your website is not suitable for our network.

Q: Do You Provide Discounts for Bulk Orders?
A: Yes, we more than welcome bulk orders and we can always negotiate a discount for multiple order packages to suit our client's needs.

Customer Support

If you have any other questions/comments about placing an order or our service, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support at - "support@serpturbo.com". Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.

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